History of Dunv

Hundreds of years ago, the world of Dunv used to be a lush, fertile paradise amongst the stars. Rolling fields of grass covered the plains, beautiful forests spotted the continent. Rivers ran freely, splitting the land with utmost attention to detail. It was paradise. No one remembers these days.

Aos was the first case anyone had ever heard of a God dying of old age. He was the sun itself, the eternal life force supporting the verdant Dunv. Everyone heard when he wheezed his dying last cough, and they felt the onslaught of sand that erupted from his throat as a result. The sand covered every inch of the planet, and it didn’t take long for the grass beneath it to rot and die. And just like the plants, Aos died as well. The sun went out.

It stayed that way for quite some time, too. Eternal night covered Dunv for years. Nock, the mischievous demigod of the night ran rampant. Under the veil of shadows he was free to conduct his mad experiments, and it was during this time that many brand of monster and night lurker were brought into the world. Strange humanoids crept out of seemingly nowhere to join the societies of the world. While most of these new races could be described as passive, the Grat were far from it. They grew quickly and ravaged the lands, reducing most of the great nations of Dunv to shambles of their former selves. Ghost towns littered the landscape and grand cities became dungeons home to only monsters.

After decades of torment, a human named Septurn McMallan appeared in the lands. Wielding manuscripts long ago written by the Order of the Orb, he began preaching day in a land that had long only known eternal night. Through his travels, sermons, and miracles, he developed a strong flock. The Grat eventually became aware of his presence and set out to destroy his following.

A Grat warband came upon his industrious camp and massacred every follower there, capturing McMallan in the process. Staring upon the carnage of what he had built, he closed his eyes, uttered a forgotten phrase, and engulfed the entire Grat warband in flame. He rose into the sky, becoming the new God of the Sun, bringing light back to the land.

The people rejoiced. The Grat Empire receded into the sand, disappearing far below the surface, taking its people with it. Things seemed as if they’d return to the old days.

But McMallan proved to be a fickle god. He let his light shine during the days. However, he feared sharing the same fate as Aos and was miserly with his power. Half of each day, he went to sleep, believing beauty rest could postpone his possible death as a God. A sort of balance was achieved. Dunv could not return to its former paradise with such brief stints of sunlight. Nock was free to cause his havoc in the night, but with the sun always rearing its head on the horizon, the Grat were not able to rise back to the surface. The world was locked in a constant teeter of creation and destruction, and it eventually became content with its state of affairs.

This is the history of Dunv as it is told by the eldest of storytellers.

History of Dunv

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